Mario is more than a web designer. Many web designers can just create websites using templates. He has been a computer programmer for many years so it comes as no surprise that he can customize your Worldpress template to your needs. 

He will advise you in advance of the best course of action to develop or upgrade your website in the most cost effective manner. He was a pioneer with the advent of personal computers serving as creative director of Maryland Multi Media.

Since the introduction of the Texas Instrument personal computer circa 1980, Mario developed an interest for programming. After relocating to Baltimore, he was certified by Catonsville Community College in C language programming. 

“I certainly cannot say that I could develop a program in C language, but my training enables me to add some CSS to HTML programming to a website. While living in Italy I also received a degree from Istituto Filippo Rinaldi in Mechanical Design. I remember I used to think – What am I going to do with this training? Am I wasting my time? But once again, it was proven beneficial to my musical career, website development and to be able to convey my ideas in my art work.”


• Professionally designed web sites at very competitive cost.
  Mario’s team of professionals will beat any legitimate quote.
• Specializing in WordPress websites.
• Your website is custom designed here in the USA.
• Search Engine and Marketing Strategies will put you on top of Google
  organic search results without incurring monthly fees.
• Royalty free in house graphic design.
• Royalty free in house sound design in the OMNI 1 PRODUCTIONS RECORDING STUDIO.
• YouTube videos with the sister company NIXFILMS.
• Voice Overs.
• Online PDF brochures.
• Graphic Design for any type of media.
Please feel free to test drive the user-friendly interface on one of Mario’s FEATURED web sites designed and maintained by OMNI 1 PRODUCTIONS.
As you visit the websites below, please keep in mind that the design style as well as every aspect of your website, will be custom made to fit your needs. References are available upon request.