Born and raised in Italy with a natural talent for the arts. Mario Palumbo brings a rich flavor of the Mediterranean culture to his crafts. In his teen years he had already made his mark in Italy, performing in rock bands as guitarist and vocalist. (In the picture above Mario is inside the bass drum Haha!)  Later he evolved in other music styles and had the honor to perform in some of the best hotels in Norway. In 1983, after performing for six years on board Norwegian Cruise Lines, Mario came to the United States. He continues to serve as band leader/performer in the renowned OMNI 1 Band and BnaturalJazz trio with thousands of enthusiastic, satisfied customers throughout the Baltimore/Washington area.

At the same that Mario was perfecting his musical skills, he became proficient in computer programming. Those two passions were the perfect ingredients to create OMNI 1 PRODUCTIONS. 

In Baltimore, Mario was a pioneer in using a computer on stage for supplemental tracks and synchronizing lights with live music. His computer skills allow him also to become one of the first Web Designer of the Baltimore/Washington area.

He is always looking to bring something NEW to the table and that is what it makes OMNI 1 PRODUCTIONS a success!

Omni1 Productions offers the following services:

Mario Palumbo as a single performer-guitarist/singer.

 OMNI 1 RECORDING STUDIO-Tracking, mixing, mastering, arranging, composing.

Web and Graphic Design-Including Search Engine and Marketing Strategies

BnaturalJazz-Contemporary and traditional Jazz.

OMNI 1 BAND-Live dance music for any occasion. (From 1 to 6 pieces)

Guitar and bass private instruction with Mario Palumbo. (All lessons take place in a state of of the art recording studio)

NIXFILMS-Specializing in music videos as well as corporate YouTube videos and presentations.

• CUSTOM ART WORK-Commission Mario to make you an original painting.